First, lets look at the swf I am going to show you how to create:

We are going to need animation and I don't like to use time-line animation so I use AS to code my animation.  A very good reason to not use timeline animation is this:  Say in my example (located here: say I made the little red squares animate with a time-line animation and when the user rolls over the button I tell it to start.  Say the red square is half way through its animation and I rollOff of it.  The red square will automatically "jump" to the rollOut animation which will make it appear to change size from say half size to it's whole size and then start to shrink.  That would look really bad.  But if we use code to do the sizing this will not happen because the code does not care what size it currently is, it will just tell it to become large or small.

Hope I didn't loose you there.  My point is we are going to need some imported code to make the AS animation.  I like to use Fuse.  You can get fuse at  In this tutorial/article I will show you how to use it.

Make a directory named "com" in the root directory of your project and in there place the mosesSupposes directory that you just downloaded.  Trust me, it is very simple to use (Fuse CAN get much more complex but that is for another article).