New York City, April 2007 ----Two application developers created Yuxt, a bookmarking tool that allows users to add their favorite video from numerous hosting sites to their personal collections as well as search, download and share video content quickly and easily.  


No installation is required

Yuxt is not a desktop application. It is an online bookmarking tool that allows users to choose among three different options to save their favorite video.

One of the options is to type   at the beginning of a web-address of the web-page with an embedded video clip.

 After typing a video will be displayed on user’s personalized page.

From there it can be added to user’s permanent collection located on the right hand side by convenient drag/drop.  The exciting feature of   is that it can fetch number of different videos from one location at once. For example, there are five videos on one page---by typing   in front of the web-address and pressing enter all five of them will be displayed on user’s personal page. The entire process takes a couple of seconds.


The other way is to visit Yuxt home page ( From there users who have Firefox or Safari on their computers simply click on ‘’GET YUXT’’, and then drag small icon and drop it on the toolbar. A small button with! Link will be added. (Users, who use Internet Explorer, add the button by right clicking on the icon and then adding it to Favorites)  While browsing the web and spotting a video, click on! button.  The video swiftly will be added to general library. From there it can be dragged and dropped in to user’s collection. 

The third way is to take advantage of another useful feature Yuxt offers. It is easy to search specific video content form all over the web from Yuxt home page ( by typing key-word in search box.  Yuxt promptly delivers numerous video clips that can be added to personal collections.  

In addition, personal collections can be shared with friends. Users can send a link of their collection via email or instant massager to their friends who will be able to see it immediately. It is easy to customize collections by choosing the quantity and order in which videos will appear to the recipient. Also, viewers can appreciate larger then average thumbnails within clean layout that certainly contribute to a better presentation. Dim background creates fine contrast with video, the effect utilized by movie-theaters where viewers are not destructed. 

It is not required to register to be able to create and share temporary collections, but with the ability to permanently save their collections Yuxt members reap the benefit of having their favorite online video safely stored in one convenient location. Because Yuxt community decides which collections are really worth looking at through collaborative editorial process of rating, only highest-rated collections are featured on Yuxt home page.

Besides an average user who will enjoy using Yuxt, there are others who will benefit from our service. Among them are professionals who specialize in Advertising, Video and Film; corporate world –with the ability to organize and share corporate presentations, and so on.

There are greater ideas Yuxt team plan to work on and share with spectators and users in the near future.

The best is yet to come.     

About creator of YUXT

Vitaly Leokumovich is an application developer whose achievements are recognized world-wide and are backed by the most prestigious awards in the industry such as Gold Cyber Lion in Cannes, Clio Awards, FWA, Flash Forward Nominee and many more.

He currently works in New York City.