Convert your Flash content into powerful Desktop Applications.

Vertical Moon has just released SWF Cargo 1.0 for Macintosh & Windows. SWF Cargo is an extremely easy program to convert your Macromedia Flash content into powerful Desktop Applications.

SWF Cargo allows for rapid application development by using Flash as the GUI interface, without having to learn complex programming languages such as Basic, C & C++.

SWF Cargo Features
  • Output 100% Standalone Projectors! User does not need to have Flash installed.
  • Customize how the windows will look in your Projectors.
  • Multiple window support
  • Create custom shaped windows
  • Supports window transparency
  • Flash 9 Player compatible
  • Synchronous communication between the Projectors and the Operating System (requires Adobe Flash 8 authoring tool)
  • Add over 150 ActionScript commands to communicate with the Operating System using the SWF Cargo ActionScript API (require Adobe Flash 8 authoring tool)
  • Create Trial Projectors to expire after a specified date
  • Export Applications for PowerPC and Intel Macs, and Windows
  • Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes to an existing application over time
  • Make unlimited number of Desktop Applications

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Download a trial version at