Written by: André Assalino, me@andreassalino.com , www.andreassalino.com
Difficulty Level: beginner
Requirements: Flash MX and higher.
Topics Covered: Pixel fonts, Embedd, Font symbols.

Pixel fonts can be used to give a more clean look to the site, or just to avoid Flash's antialiasing. They won't blur like normal text.

If you are going to use a pixel font, then you must have the textfield in Dynamic Text and embedd all characters.

For that you have the option "characters" (in the properties panel) where you must choose wich characters you want to embedd.

If you don't have lots of text, just do Auto Fill, otherwise if you do have a big text or if it's loaded from outside of the swf, i recommend picking the options who will make the text display properly.

Don't forget that each pixel font has a proper size! Check it at the place you downloaded it. ( The usual is 8, but it will look good in sizes that are multiples of the one specified: 8,16,32...)

After doing that, round the coordinates of the textfield manualy, or with math.Round(), although the easiest way for now it manualy.

Example: If your textfield is in X: 0,3 Y: 1,6 , you round to X:0 Y:2 .

This must be repeated to all movies and graphics that contain the textfield. They all must be in round coordinates. If by any chance the text remains blury, try to change the coordinates manualy, using Zoom @ 100% and see when it?s not blury.

If you are using the pixel font on a text that is multiline, i suggest that (in the properties panel) you put everything in Format = 0 (line spacing, etc.).

If after all this the text remains blury, you should try Font Symbols. (Check if all movies and graphics that contain the textfield are at 100%x100% -> ctrl+t to open transform panel)

Font Symbols: Create a new movie, open the library (ctrl+L), in the library options pick NEW FONT

Name your font (for now you can try with the name "minhaFonte"), press OK.

Now, click with the right button on the Font Symbol that is in the library.
Press LINKAGE and do the following:

Save your .fla as font.fla and publish as SWF.

To use the font symbol on another movie:
Open the movie where you want to use the font symbol we just created.

If you?re using Flash MX:
File > Open As Library - choose the font.fla to open that file?s library.

Drag the font symbol from that library do the library of the open movie.

Note: If the library window doesn?t popup, check if you have the font.fla open. If it is Close it and repeat the steps mentioned above.

Flash MX 2004:
Open the library of your movie, in the library options choose the option Shared Library Properties and write font.swf (you must have the font.fla and swf in the same directory).

Open the font.fla and drag the font symbol to the library of the movie where you want to use the font symbol.

Now use the Text Tool to create a new textfield.

The font symbol you created will now show up with the other fonts, but with the name you specified (minhafonte*). Pick that. Test your movie (ctrl+enter) and see the result.

Font symbols are useful also to reduce the ocupied space (in the main movie) by the embeded fonts.

There are lots of pixel fonts packs.
www.fontsforflash.com for example. They have some for free.

If you got any doubts you can contact me.

Cheers, Andr? Assalino