Tutorial details: Draggable and drop-able disks for a menu system
Written by: comicGeek | www.KELdesigns.vze.com
Time: 30 mins. to 1 hour
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Requirements: Flash 5
Topics Covered: _droptarget movie clip property for non-conventional menu system
Assumed knowledge: movie clip properties, event handlers, expressions and equations, variables, instance names, dragging movie clips, invisible buttons, symbols and instances


Click to download source file.

Tired of conventional menu systems of buttons and the like? Yeah? Why not try a menu system like the one I made above? It's really very easy when you disect the code. I have included a Barney's type of content movement to show what simple actionscript can do when you make your imagination and creativity work.

Let's start!

First, prepare all the necessary elements that you need in your movie: the object to be dragged, the target movie clip, the borders, the texts...etc. It is always good to visualize the final output of a project so that you can create the necessary elements before hand so that later you will be focused on arranging them in your movie. More like hiring the actors or casting for a role in a movie!

Make a drawing of a diskette or cd, select your drawing and convert it to a Graphic Symbol. Make an invisible button that is of the same size as the diskette or cd that you made. Place that invisible button on top of an instance of that diskkete or cd.Select both, then convert it to a movie clip by pressing F8.


Make 2 duplicates of this movie clip. Why do we need duplicates? We need duplicates since each button inside the movieclip will contain different actions.