Basically what it does so far is get a movie clip and tell you all the basic functions like when a mouse hovers over it or presses on it stuff like that it also implements ENTER_FRAME functionality. Which is a bit wierder than before,

Alright First what you do is get the class Located with the fla used in this tutorial at the very bottom of this page :)

Then get Flash 9 and make a new AS3 FLA that will use the class save in the same directory as the class dont change the name of the classfile because its dependent to the class name that the filename is the same.

Alright to bring in the class into your fla Select A Frame and open up actionscript window and type this in:
var event_h:events=new events(stage); //This Initiates the class into the fla file :)

Now for the Functions so you can get started write away :)

To add a movie clip get its instance name and put it inbetween the parenthesys.
event_h.add_clip(MOVIECLIP_INSTANCE);//Like that :)

What it does is start Event Functions for example like this
//Thats all their is to it :)

It gets listeners for those functions but now say you add many MovieClips  how do you manage if you only get that function heres the great thing about this class it tell you what movie clip the event is for!

Alright so lets pretend we added two MovieClips

Now to control what is what :)
event_h.onrelease=function(sel_mc){//oo A Variable is spawned :)
//this is for mc_1//
//this is for mc_2//

Now how hard is it to add a simple if statement to control that and everything that has to do with mc functions has that so you dont have to worry :)

Alright but what if you want to take out an mc from the list that are added you do the following :)

WOW How easy lol sorry I exadurate alot :)

Alright so now What is also included is XML Sockets Controler I will add more events as I get a chance to so it will have loads more but lets talk about XML Sockets Controller it has very easy to use it :)

Alright to make a newsocket in the class do the following:
var s_1=event_h.add_xmlsocket();

Thats it s_1 will = the xmlsocket that is being used now to connect you do the following:

WOW How easy was that lol alright now to control the events :)
//This is under construction just because you dont know what socket got connected but dont worry this will be fixed soon like the movieclip one :)

        trace("Unable To Connect");
    trace("Disconnected from Server");

And thats all their is to handling the sockets events just one class that does this much will help loads :) Weather its moving clips with keyboard or other actionscripts it gets the hard part out and now you dont have to worry about anything else but the regular actionscript :)

Alright To Download the Fla And Class Files go to the following link :)
//It Contains all the events and functions in use so you can see how the work :)

For Support Please go to our forums located here :)