1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Select - View: Toolbars: Control Toolbox
  3. Click on the “More Controls” icon (looks like a hammer & wrench crossed)
  4. From the pulldown menu select: Shockwave Flash Object
  5. Using the cursor (now a crosshair), draw a box on the stage approximately the same size as the creative to be embedded.
  6. Right click on the box you just drew.
  7. Select: Properties (from the Right Click Menu)
  8. If embedding an online file Skip to step 9, otherwise place the .swf in the same directory as the PowerPoint File
  9. Type the name of the .swf file into the “Movie” field in the Properties window (if using a online .swf, type in the entire url of the .swf – e.g. http://www.something.com/flash/someswfname.swf)
  10. Set the field “EmbedMovie” to True (setting EmbedMovie to True will allow your .ppt file to play without the .swf file, otherwise you will need to transport the .swf file with your PowerPoint presentation.
  11. Make sure the field “Scale” equals “ExactFit”
  12. Set the field “ScaleMode” to 0
  13. Set the field “Playing” to True
  14. Set the field Loop to True
  15. Set the field “Menu” to True
  16. Set the field “DeviceFonts” to True
  17. Set the field “Visible” to True
  18. You can also double-click in the topmost field “(Custom)” and select these setting that way. See image below

  19. Manually size the ShockwaveFlash object on the stage to the desire height and width OR adjust them in the “Height” and “Width” fields from the Properties window (NOTE: the typical PowerPoint equivalent for a 300x250 .swf file is height=165, and width=198, but just adjust it and find the correct size)


  1. Also NOTE, some of the field setting may reset themselves, so be aware of this if things seem to be off (if movie animation falls outside of the border or if the scale is off)


The “Properties” panel should resemble the below image: