The latest API option within MapQuest’s Advantage™ API, offers businesses the same reliable functionality of the robust toolset with the added benefits of ActionScript 3.0. Developers can now build rich applications with Adobe® Flex™ or Adobe Flash® using a true, native MapQuest API for ActionScript for superior developer productivity without runtime abstraction layers that can slow application performance.
Created to offer more choice, the new ActionScript API offers the possibility of enhanced interactivity, lower development costs and faster time to market while providing all the same great mapping, routing, geocoding and search feature sets that customers rely on from MapQuest.
Increased Performance: Write complex programs that perform efficiently and responsively.
Enhanced Interactivity: Create compelling Flash animations and graphics or quickly render multitudes of custom points, lines and shapes to display Points of Interest (POIs), routes or physical boundaries.
Lower Development Costs: Build applications in a language that allows for developer productivity and ease of implementation.
Faster Time to Market: Enjoy the benefits of leveraging Adobe Flash Player, the lightweight and robust runtime that works across multiple operating systems and browsers, allowing for ease of deployment and shorter development time.
MapQuest has created a foundation for developers to bring a rich multi-media experience to end users and to tap into the deep capabilities of the MapQuest platform. This new API is now available to current MapQuest Business Solutions customers in a beta version.

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