I’m going to assume you can make files in Flash that can connect to a db via PHP, CF, ASP. I’m also going to assume you can use PHP-MyAdmin, but you don’t need to know anything about MS Excel. You could use any spreadsheet program such as OpenOffice Calc, but I’m going to talk about Excel for this article.


This article is a follow up to “Using MS Excel to quickly populate a text file”. You need to read that before doing this one since I don’t want to repeat some of the basics, and we are building on the spreadsheet from the first tutorial.


I had a corporate job where I had to use Excel to create reports based on other spreadsheets. I spent literally 4 days at about 8-10 hours a day compiling these reports until I realized that I was always taking numbers from the same sheets and the same cells. I created a wicked spreadsheet that checked if new files existed, opened them, copied various cells into my sheet, made a nice looking report with charts and graphs, and then printed everything at a certain time directly on my managers’ printers. At that point I learned how useful a spreadsheet is. I’ll try to pass along a fraction of what it can do.


Open up the spreadsheet and click on SHEET 2 at the bottom of the screen.

We need to start over a bit to make it fit the MySQL format.


First off, in A1 put the number 1. Then in A2 put 2. Now click and drag so both are highlighted and then drag the magic box down to row 20. That will be our ID row.


Now in B1 type the word itself, which here is “run”, then in B2 it’s “sit” (no quotes) and so on down to “difficult” in B20. Of course these can be whatever you want them to be for your own needs.


In C1 type the correct answer and in D1 either type the wrong answer or the IF function mentioned in part 1. You should have something that looks like this:


The numbers in column A are centered only to make it easier to read.