WildPresenter lets you combine PowerPoint with video in 3 easy steps!

June 19 , 2007 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Wildform, Inc. today announced the release of WildPresenter Pro 3.3, a major upgrade to its award-winning, multimedia presentation software. The update contains a new wizard that empowers customers to combine PowerPoint files with video and audio in just 3 steps -- select a PowerPoint, select a media file and click "next". While WildPresenter was already the best software available for doing this, the new feature makes the process effortless.

This innovative capability comes from WildPresenter's new "Project Slide" option which enables users to instantly turn complex, multi-slide projects into a single file which can be combined with any element that WildPresenter imports or creates including: PowerPoints, video, audio, images, Flash SWF and FLV files, quizzes, screen recordings, narration, text, flowcharts, animations, etc. If changes are desired a user can return to the standard project timeline, make the alterations, and instantly regenerate their project.

And no matter what the source file, WildPresenter creates its output in Flash -- the hassle free multimedia format that works everywhere, including the Web, offline presentations, CDs, printed handouts, and even mobile devices. This saves clients a lot of time in repurposing their content for multiple distribution outlets.

The update also has workflow enhancements including the ability to import PowerPoints with multiple video and audio files by selecting a single preset, the automatic conformance of media encoder and recording utility framerates with the project framerate, and the ability to export slide ranges.

WildPresenter continues garnering fantastic reviews. Most recently, the Chicago Tribune's Jim Coates wrote, "WildPresenter Pro works absolute wonders. It will let you come very close to the big guys with far less cost and far less learning time...I loved working with it."

Wildform invites everyone to experience WildPresenter's new multimedia creation capabilities using the free trial available at www.wildform.com/demos.

WildPresenter lets anyone rapidly convert PPT to flash, generate LMS compliant quizzes and surveys, author demos and tutorials and create professional interactive multimedia projects. There is no other software that combines all these capabilities. It is available for Windows (2000/XP/Vista) at a special price of only $299. Educational and group discounts are available.

About Wildform: Founded in 1999, Wildform is an innovative developer of multimedia presentation and rapid e-learning software. For more information, visit: www.wildform.com.