I first want to appologize to the persons who i couldn't answer their questions regarding my previous tutorials.
In this tutorial we will create a full screen (browser) scroller which my friend asked me about and he suggest to make a tutorial about it. I hope it will be handy and usefull in your Flash projects, we will discuss some html(and css) stuff before we get into flash. Ok so the example on what you are going to create is showed below

Scroller Example :

(you can also use ur mouse scroller)

And for better testing you may download the source at the bottum of this page and run the .swf and to modify the content (stars) just play with the size of the swf and see how the scroller interact
and also for better functionality you may view it at my site here :

NOTE: this tutorial will use the tweenEffects Class.
Now lets get started with html stuff...