Jumpeye just released their new website www.JumpeyeComponents.com, and a new family of flash components, the Jumpeye V3 Components. Built for both AS2.0 and AS3.0, Jumpeye V3 Components are easy to use, integrate, customize and manipulate due to the fact that they are made especially for the “drag and drop” flash users, those that want to be able to integrate and use a component in seconds.

Here is what some of the most important voices in Flash development community are saying:

“I do see a lot of people, however, really getting excited about this set? Yeah, definitely. If you are a designer or Flash Dev doing small scale RIA work, and/or doing heavy design integration, check ‘em out.”

by Jesse Warden, www.jessewarden.com

“once I took a look at the work the team is doing at Jumpeye I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t. I initially anticipated the components to be like most 3rd party components that you might use once and forget about; that was far from the case.[…]I have been raving to my co-workers recently about the level of detail and documentation provided with each of the components.”

by Ben Pritchard - Pixelfumes, www.pixelfumes.com

Jumpeye Components’ ultimate marketing campaign is: Easy implementation guaranteed or your money back! Meaning that if you have a problem implementing their new V3 components, you get full free support and if they can’t handle your problem, they will give your money back. So there is no risk at all, ordering and using Flash Components from JumpeyeComponents.com

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