Compile flash projects into executables or screensavers

September, 2007 - has announced the availability of Chameleon Flash 1.10, the tool that enables you to compile SWF flash projects into a standalone executable (.exe) or a screensaver (.scr).

Chameleon Flash makes a Windows executable out of any SWF flash project, offering capabilities to create fully protected, license-managed games and programs that can be run in a window of any shape, full-screen, or even as a full-featured screen saver.

Sell your SWF projects as time-limited, feature-restricted try-before-you-buy products. Distribute restricted evaluation versions and protect your SWF presentation against SWF decompilers.

Chameleon Flash has many unique and useful features. Such as:
  • Compiles any files: images, audio, video, XML, etc.
  • Smart file system The smart file system technology enables you to leave some files of your flash project unpacked and access them from the compiled application in a friendly manner.
  • Enables you to create trial-limited applications requiring a license key for launching without the limitations
  • Custom application window
  • Custom application icon
  • Real transparency support
  • Full-featured screensavers
  • Advanced flash commands
  • Strong file compression
  • Accessing files "on-the-fly" without unpacking them to the hard disk
  • Compiling large files into a separate .dat file
  • Prevention of stealing the SWF sources using SWF decompilers
  • Integrity check
  • Previewing the application without compiling it
  • Auto-generating screensaver installer
...and much much more!

Pricing and Availability
Chameleon Flash software runs under Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. Registered customers can create applications without the distribution limitations, and get free updates to minor versions. Additional information on the software, as well as its trial versions are available from