Active Log is a new product just released by VATech Systems. Built for logging data messages, Active Log is simple to install and plug into client side scripting engine. It could be used by Action Script.

Active Log benefits:

  • Save ordered history of data communication between client and server
  • Simplifies debugging of web application, especially XML processing
  • Speed up application learning curve for System and Business Analysts
  • Client side tool that has no impact on server performance
  • Easy to install, and plug into existing application
  • XML viewer enables to find problems in applications

Active Log's left pane allows user to find a message by name, where the right pane present data. Logging function has a data label as a second parameter, to use in searching for data message. The application viewer pane automatically recognize data as XML or HTML, and greatly simplifies debugging and finding bottlenecks. Check company site for how to use samples.

Other features include:

  • Application processes all messages as singleton, in real time. No refreshing is needed
  • Left panel allows navigate between log items
  • Easy to reset content
  • Available to be accessed from system tray
  • Access is available from system tray
  • Log item message printing

Active Log has been created as a lightweight XML tracking and logging tool with the possibility to view XML data on a client side. Active Log is similar to event log that exists in Windows administrative tools. But Active Log is a client side tool, and it does not influence performance of your web site. Shows XML processing that is hidden in web application.

More and more XML processing has now used as standard interaction. Active Log enables and simplifies logging of this processing.

More info with examples