Editor's Preface

Jesse is one of the founders of ActionScript.org. Once upon a time he was a student with plenty of time on his hands, who took an interest in Flash and found the best way to get better at ActionScript was to try and solve other people's problems, as posted on FlashKit and FlashZone (woah, blast from the past!) Then he met Strok online, who was looking to start a new Flash community, and together they founded ActionScript.org.

Jesse began by writing most of the content for the site but over the years has taken more of an administrative role, and spends most of his time trying to think of ways to improve the site. He operates the site on the side of his day-job, which is no longer Flash-related.

Survey Responses

  1. Name and site nickname
  2. Jesse Stratford, Jesse.
  3. Year of birth
  4. 1982 - Year of the Dog.
  5. How did you get into Flash?
  6. I don't really remember. In high school I had a friend who wanted to make a series of animations and games targeted at kids. I know we used Flash to make them at that stage, and I was still learning (Flash 4) but I can't recall how long before that I'd been using it.
  7. What Version of Flash do you use and why?
  8. Flash CS3 nowadays. Because Adobe kindly gave it to me and I still need to write my review. Eep!
  9. Coke or Pepsi?
  10. Coke.
  11. What's an adjective that describes you personally?
  12. 'Jolly', or I like to think so. 'Workaholic' might be another.
  13. Do you have a tertiary qualification? If so, in what?
  14. Sure do. Computer Science. But I'm not a hard-core CS nut. I did business and arts electives, including philosophy and other random subjects.
  15. On a scale of 1 - 10, how bad was the first thing you ever made in Flash? What metaphor or analogy would you use to describe it?
  16. Pretty bad. Definitely a 3. For about the first year I think everything I made could best be described as an ugly new born. You know the family put so much effort in, but that doesn't change the fact that it really is kinda ugly.
  17. PC or Mac?
  18. Both. PC more; enforced by work.
  19. What's your first recollection of ActionScript.org - how did you find it, why, were you a guru or a newbie?
  20. A concept discussed in emails with Strok. A new community which was designed to focus on ActionScript only, moving away a little from the design-oriented (at that time) field of Flash development.
  21. What inspires you? Not just in work, but personally.
  22. My family, and my friends. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by extremely admirable people who constantly impress me in so many ways.
  23. What web browser do you use?
  24. Firefox, all the way. Whatever the latest version is. No plugins.
  25. How would you describe ActionScript.org in three words?
  26. Positive, educational fun.
  27. Ever been on a fad diet? If so, which one, and how successful was it?
  28. My whole life is one massive diet but not by choice. Stupid allergies.
  29. What do you use to edit AS and why?
  30. Flash. Sorry, boring answer.
  31. What subject did you hate most during school?
  32. Latin. I tried, really, but I was just never any good at it.
  33. Who do you think has influenced your Flash education most, in the whole wide world?
  34. If I can cheat and say "everyone who has every written an article, book, post, or question, that I've ever read" I would. If I had to pick one person it'd be Colin Moock. Between the articles he sent me via email, years ago before this all got big, his site, his books and other stuff, it'd have to be him.
  35. Are you allergic to anything, or is there anything you really, really can't stand to eat?
  36. I'm wheat intolerant and have only just gone back to eating small amounts of dairy after about 10 years off. I also can't eat much meat with iron or zinc.
  37. What other programming languages do you know, and which have proven to be the most useful professionally?
  38. I know PHP, SQL and C and Java. I've also done a bunch of other stuff in pretty much every language from Haskell to Ruby on Rails. Programming is fun!
  39. If you were a fruit combined with an animal, what would you be and why?
  40. An "Applebee" (Apple + Bee). Because I'm always busy, and I like apples.
  41. Favourite Flash site at the moment? Why?
  42. Ah, pass. I saw an awesome one the other day but I can't think of the URL.
  43. Favourite Flash site of all time? Why?
  44. A neck and neck tie between http://zombo.com/ (because it's hilarious) and http://www.eye4u.com/ (because back in the day the intro was sooooo cool!)
  45. Favourite absolutely-no-flash website, why?
  46. Google?
  47. What do you see as the next massive web-fad, frontier?
  48. As if I'd tell you! Seriously though, I think communities will stay huge. It seems to all be about how you interact with and experience sites nowadays, rather than really innovative content ideas.
  49. Freelance or employed? Which do you prefer? Why?
  50. I probably prefer freelance, but at the moment I'm employed.
  51. What search engine do you use?
  52. Google. It's never let me down yet.
  53. Ever read a book which really changed your life? Which book, how and why?
  54. Not really, since I don't read much. I loved The Wheel of Time but I don't think it changed my life.
  55. Which animal sound are you most proficient at making? (Please provide and MP3 if possible)
  56. I guess my cow is ok. (Hear it)
  57. Speak any other languages?
  58. German once upon a time. Now, just badly, but I hope to pick it up.
  59. Play any instruments?
  60. Voice. I'm a singer.
  61. How many hours a week do you work?
  62. At least 70.
  63. How many do you wish you worked?
  64. Say 40?
  65. What's the most random thing any stranger has ever said to you that you recall offhand?
  66. "Are you a jockey? Are you sure!? I know you from somewhere! You ARE a jockey!" -- from a nurse taking some of my blood at my local doctor's clinic.
  67. Can you cook? What's your best dish?
  68. I certainly can. I make a mean (traditional) ragu bolognese. The secret is the four different types of meats, and five hours in the oven.
  69. What (if any) tips/suggestions would you have for starting/furthering a career in the Flash industry?
  70. Help out around the place, like by writing articles and submitting them to sites like ActionScript.org! Seriously; it helps to build a name for yourself and get you known. Treat your clients well. Be proactive with customers; suggest improvements above and beyond specifications. Always deliver to deadlines, or at very least manage expectations well. Ask your customers to recommend you to their friends.