For Geting Start with AIR Flash CS3 professional how may thing you require.
  • Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  • Adobe AIR Runtime
Let Install AIR for flash

if you don't have flash cs3 installed. you must install it before installing Adobe AIR runtime and the update for Flash CS3. if you already have Flash CS3 installed, you can proceed to install the adobe AIR runtime.

  • Close any adobe application and any internet browsers that you have open on you computer.
  • Now, run Adobe AIR Runtime Setup. if you havn't setup then download for this Download Flash CS3 Upadte
To Install Adobe AIR Runtime
  • Choose the download file for your operating syste, winodws or Macintosh, from the Adobe Labs Downloads Page
  • Save it to location on you computer.
  • Dowble click the download file that you saved - for example, air_b2_win_061107 - to begin the setup procedure.
  • Click Run in response to the open file - security warning.
  • Click Add in response to the adobe integrated runtime setup dialog box.
  • when setup is complete, click finish to close the adobe integrated runtime setup dialog

Create an Adobe AIR Application in Flash

Now this application give you a quick, hands-on tutorial on how to create adobe AIR application using Flash CS3. it teaches you how to create and package a simaple Hello Adobe AIR application using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional.

Create the Hello Adobe AIR application in flash.

  • Launch Flash
  • In the Welcome Screen, click on Flash File (Adobe AIR) to create empty FLA file with Adobe AIR publish settings. see below figer.

  • Click ok to respond to the summary dialog, Authoring for adobe AIR with Flash CS3. This dialog takes a few seconds to come up the first time.  see above figer.
  • Select the text tool in the Tools panel and create a static text field (the default) in the center of the stage. make it wide enought to contain 15 to 20 characters.
  • Enter the text "Hello Adobe AIR" in the Text Fields. see in figer.

  • Save it file and Give it name AdobeAIR
  • for Test Applicatoin, press CTRL + ENTER or select Control -> Test Movie To Test Appliatoin With AIR
  • It's show one windows with "Hello Adobe AIR" text like this figers.