November, 2007 - has released 2 brand new powerful actionscript protection tools: WetopSoft ActionScript Encryptor and WetopSoft ActionScript Obfuscator covering both Encryption and Obfuscation methods, to help achieve 100% security of actionscript protection.

1. WetopSoft ActionScript Encryptor
The keyword is 'random encryption algorithms'. WetopSoft ActionScript Encryptor uses random encryption algorithms and random protection code injection algorithms. It protects every line of your code and defeats all the flash decompilers, making decompilers show nothing at all of your code. Therefore your actionscript code is securely protected. In addition, the software is extremely easy to use, just one-button click to encrypt your SWF files.

2. WetopSoft ActionScript Obfuscator
The keyword is 'intelligent analysis and automatic obfuscation'. WetopSoft ActionScript Obfuscator presents a unique actionscript bytecode analysis engine that can intelligently analyze the identifiers and tell their types and their functions in your code. The engine will intelligently judge which identifiers can be obfuscated, therefore the user can automatically obfuscate the SWF files by just one button click. The automatic obfuscation method works for most of the SWF movies. If the user is not satisfied with the result of Automatic Obfuscation, the user can use the Custom Obfuscation method, which provides an interactive semi-automatic way where the software helps the user choose which identifiers to obfuscate in bulk.

For more information, please visit The trial versions of the software can be downloaded freely on the website.