This tutorial uses a simple flash movie, a XML document, and a listing of images.  The Flash movie loads the XML and images to create a user initiated "slide show" (for lack of a better term) that was intended to display news snippets with an image and a link to read more. 



Getting Started:

To go through this tutorial you will need the following products:

·         Flash 8

·         A Text Editor that can edit XML Files



Setting Up:  

First thing to do is to create a new folder on your disk called "FlashNewsListing" under the C:\ directory (or wherever you would like to keep it).   In this folder create two new sub folders.  Name one "images" and name the other "xml".   Also create a flash movie in the "FlashNewsListing" folder named "MyFlashNewsListings.fla".

When your done your folder structure should look something like this


On to the next page to get into the guts of it all.