I hope this help you to learn something. You can check in my blog for more examples like this one (www.alejandroquarto.com)
First you should take a look to the final swf, if everything goes fine, you should be able to create something like this: (MOUSE and ARROW KEYS)

Note that if you use the mouse, it will work as a wind effect. It means: mouse will move the ball in the opposite direction that exists between the mouse and the ball.
If you are really near, force will be very high compared with a big distance.

Then, if you want to see how the ball move and bounce, you can use your keyboard and move it with the arrows keys.

Main idea behind this example is to introduce some physic criteria and forces. Every thing you do to move the ball is basically to apply a force to the ball. There are also external things like gravity, or friction.

Play a bit with the ball, if you like it, let's start with ActionScript.