DENVER, CO 05 December 2007 - Advanced Flash Components ( has launched a new ActionScript 3.0 Grid Flash Component ( The Grid allows you to display large amounts of visual data (MovieClip, Sprite, Image, etc). We are currently looking for a few Flash developers that want to test it out for us. The first 10 people to reply on our forum will get a free copy:

Features include:

    * Configurable number of rows and columns
    * Configurable load direction
    * Built-in paging
    * Supports any DisplayObject in Flash (MovieClip, Sprite, Image, etc)
    * Supports XML and RSS
    * Support for custom controls
    * Slide show mode with timer
    * Custom loading placeholder

Watch for future component releases as we always give away several free copies for testing. (Really, there is no obligation ... if you pack up and run like a cougar, that's cool too.)

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