January 7, 2007


Kindisoft, the leading provider of advanced obfuscation and protection tools for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), giving unprecedented protection, optimization and size reduction, today announced the release of  secureSWF version 2.0. The major update extends its current abilities and allows customers to produce the most secure Flash applications.


Because of  Flash's flexibility, it is particularly vulnerable to decompilation. In effect, there exists many tools that can reproduce the original source code from the distributable SWF files, thus exposing your program's intellectual property to theft by those looking for security holes. Today, there are over 26 available tools that can decompile ActionScript from SWF files.


secureSWF version 2.0 is designed to provide the greatest protection for Flash applications, including strong code protection and size reduction with advanced features such as Identifiers Renaming, Control Flow Obfuscation, Literal Strings Encryption, and Encrypted Domain Locking.


"As a market leader of obfuscation and protection tools for Flash-based applications, we are committed to ongoing product innovation and development, as well as superior customer satisfaction," says Ammar Mardawi, CEO and Founder of Kindisoft. "The new version of secureSWF adds many important features requested by our customers."


New features of secureSWF version 2.0 include:

·       Identifiers Renaming for almost every identifier (including classes, symbol instances names, and frame labels) in ActionScript converting them into shorter meaningless names that include illegal symbols and unprintable characters.

·       String Encryption helps to protect Flash application from variety of security threats by encrypting literal strings in the SWF an automatically decrypt them at runtime when needed.

·       Control-flow obfuscation provides a strong form of protection that creates very confusing code (to the human or decompiler) while still maintaining complete execution consistency.

·       Access Limitation helps protecting SWF files from downloading and copying through; Encrypted Domain locks and Encrypted Loader.

·       New GUI that is much easier to work with featuring a single-click processing.


·       SWC Support; secureSWF 2.0 supports Flash pre-compiled components files.

·       Build Integration; XML project configuration files and a command-line interface to help integrate obfuscation into the build process.


Kindisoft secureSWF is available immediately directly from Kindisoft at http://www.kindisoft.com/  . A free demo version is also available.


About Kindisoft


Founded in 2005, Kindisoft is committed to provide the most advanced tools for businesses and individuals to help them produce smaller, more efficient, and more secure Rich Internet Applications. For further information, visit www.kindisoft.com .