Zinc has long been established as a leader in the "Flash to Desktop" movement and has provided Flash Designers and Developers the ability to create Desktop Applications based on the Flash® SWF Format. Zinc 3.0 now extends it's capabilities to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Platforms? a first in the Flash Application Development Industry.

"We're really excited to offer our customers a broader range of Platforms to develop for" said Jaspal Sohal, Chief Executive Offer, Multidmedia Limited, "we pioneered cross platform development within this industry over 3 years ago, and it's another huge leap forward for us to be able to support Linux alongside Windows and Mac OSX".

Mr Sohal continued to discuss some of the other innovations in Zinc 3.0. "We wanted Zinc 3.0 to provide users with a seamless experience regardless of whether they work on Windows or Mac. Zinc 3.0 is capable of producing applications for all 3 major platforms from either a Windows or Mac OSX System. It's a feature we call XPlatform, XCompile and it's something that no comparative tools offer. Furthermore, Zinc 3.0 has been highly optimized for Windows Vista and Mac OS Leopard, ensuring it remains the only real 'nextgen' solution for Flash Application Development."

Rosetta Stone, Ltd., creators of the worlds leading language learning software, has already released its new Version 3 in Flash using Zinc 3.0. "The ubiquity of the Flash player and the capabilities of Flex platform was very attractive as we designed Rosetta Stone® Version 3" stated Mike Fulkerson, Vice President of Technology for Rosetta Stone. "Zinc 3.0 gives us the ability to integrate our own native code with a Flex application, which is not possible in other competitive products."  

Pioneered by Multidmedia, using Flash to develop integrated Desktop Applications is now becoming a viable alternative to more traditional development environments such as C++ and Delphi. Adobe Systems have also recently entered into this field with their solution, called Adobe AIR, which is currently in Beta.

"Unlike Adobe AIR, Zinc does not depend on Runtimes or PlugIns" commented MDM Chief Technical Architect, Kevan Harriman, "Applications compiled with Zinc 3.0 for Windows, Mac OSX and even Linux are completely self contained and totally standalone. They run without any external dependencies. In a nutshell, Zinc 3.0 makes short work of producing Desktop Applications, CDRoms, Screensavers and Widgets from the Flash Format."

Zinc 3.0 Builder is available now for Windows and Mac OSX, with Zinc 3.0 PlugIns available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Output. Pricing is US $349.99 for a single license (per Platform PlugIn), or $849.99 for the Zinc 3.0 Development Suite which includes all Platform PlugIns. Education, government, and volume pricing is available. To learn more about purchasing options, or to download the trial version, visit http://www.multidmedia.com/software/zinc

About Multidmedia Limited (MDM)
Multidmedia Limited, a privately held software company based in the UK, is an Industry leader in Rapid Application Development Tools for Adobe Flash, whose software is used in over 75 Countries by designers, developers and Fortune 500 Companies.

About Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is a leading provider of languagelearning software. Acclaimed for the speed, power and effectiveness of its Dynamic Immersion method, Rosetta Stone is a revolutionary languagelearning software program. While teaching 30 languages to millions of people in more than 150 countries throughout the world, Rosetta Stone software is the key to LanguageLearning Success.