Editor's Notes

Jason is one our much loved and respected Forum moderators. Without people like him, the Forums, where most of the ActionScript.org "Community" elements are based, would never have thrived the way it has.

Ever vigilant in his efforts to help people out on the site, it's the invisible work that he doest -- deleting spam posts, moving threads to the correct forums, etc. -- which often go unacknowledged. We'd like to take this chance to say a big public THANKS for all his efforts!

Survey Responses

  1. Name and site nickname
  2. Jason Je / CyanBlue
  3. Year of birth
  4. 1970
  5. How did you get into Flash?
  6. I don't really remember. In high school I had a friend who wanted to make a series of animations and games targeted at kids. I know we used Flash to make them at that stage, and I was still learning (Flash 4) but I can't recall how long before that I'd been using it.
  7. What Version of Flash do you use and why?
  8. Mostly FMX 2004 because that's what I use at work...(I can blame the client, but I better not...) I try to work more F8 while I am using Flash on my free time...
  9. Coke or Pepsi?
  10. Coke of course...
  11. What's an adjective that describes you personally?
  12. Hm... Never thought of this before... generous, honest, kind, lazy, modest, open-minded, polite, reliable, sensitive, shy, stubborn, trustworthy
  13. Do you have a tertiary qualification? If so, in what?
  14. Nope...
  15. On a scale of 1 - 10, how bad was the first thing you ever made in Flash? What metaphor or analogy would you use to describe it?
  16. I'd say 6... It was one of those tetris type game done in F5... At the end of the development stage, I finally decided to go 'online' to see if I can find somebody to help me... Voila, there was Were-Here... That's how I got hoocked with the online community... :)
  17. PC or Mac?
  18. I'm poor, so I am sticking with PC... :(
  19. What's your first recollection of ActionScript.org - how did you find it, why, were you a guru or a newbie?
  20. Well... Once upon a time, there was Were-Here, and the night WH disappeared through the blackhole, I simply could not stand the fact that there is no other place I can hang out at night... Well... Somehow I found AS.org and I am here ever since then... I was somebody who knew a little bit of everything, but not good at anything type of guy at the time, and I probably am now as well...
  21. What inspires you? Not just in work, but personally.
  22. Well, there always is an interaction between two or more objects... Seeing the loop between the interaction and the reaction always gives me something to think... Does that count??? :)
  23. What web browser do you use?
  24. FF2 & IE7
  25. How would you describe ActionScript.org in three words?
  26. W O W
  27. Ever been on a fad diet? If so, which one, and how successful was it?
  28. Why would I ever want to do that??? My wife loves my love handles...
  29. What do you use to edit AS and why?
  30. TextPad... I simply love it....
  31. What subject did you hate most during school?
  32. Math and history...
  33. Who do you think has influenced your Flash education most, in the whole wide world?
  34. senocular
  35. Are you allergic to anything, or is there anything you really, really can't stand to eat?
  36. No... I can eat anything... I am Korean... :)
  37. What other programming languages do you know, and which have proven to be the most useful professionally?
  38. PHP might be the only one that I can do somewhat better than any other langueages...
  39. If you were a fruit combined with an animal, what would you be and why?
  40. That's not logical... :p
  41. Favourite Flash site at the moment? Why?
  42. None.
  43. Favourite Flash site of all time? Why?
    Levitated & Quasimondo
  44. Favourite absolutely-no-flash website, why?
  45. Google... You get anything and everything from there... :)
  46. What do you see as the next massive web-fad, frontier?
  47. I have no clue... :(
  48. Freelance or employed? Which do you prefer? Why?
  49. Employed... I like it that way... Less chance to work over the weekend is always good... :)
  50. What search engine do you use?
  51. Google, of course... Is there anything else out there??? :)
  52. Ever read a book which really changed your life? Which book, how and why?
  53. I can't even remember the title of it, but I remember reading several children's book that talks about the ocean and its life... I think that's why I chose Oceanography for my major at the University in the first place...
  54. Which animal sound are you most proficient at making? (Please provide and MP3 if possible)
  55. Doggy sound... I think I communicate well with my dogs, so I guess that's what they hear... :)
  56. Speak any other languages?
  57. Fluent in Korean, not so fluent in English...
  58. Play any instruments?
  59. Nope... I am sure people appreciate it because I don't try to...
  60. How many hours a week do you work?
  61. 40 & 20+
  62. How many do you wish you worked?
  63. 20
  64. What's the most random thing any stranger has ever said to you that you recall offhand?
  65. None... Mom said not to talk to a stranger... :p
  66. Can you cook? What's your best dish?
  67. Um... Nope... I decided not to waste any ingredients... That's good for everybody...
  68. What (if any) tips/suggestions would you have for starting/furthering a career in the Flash industry?
  69. Well... I think you have to really have good foundation on the basics of Flash first... (Flash manual might not be very enticing, but it's got everything you need... RTFM multiple times... Seriously...) Flash is a very unique tool that can give you all the power you need to express your creativity... But it also is very sophisticated tool because it's got two edges, graphics and programming... Master both sides and you shall find youself bright future... :)