Editor's Preface

Chad, AKA Cota, is an integral part of the ActionScript.org Community who has been around a while, and always pulled his weight in terms of contributions.

Along with the other moderators, Chad makes the ActionScript.org Forums a safe place to play, and keeps people playing nice.

From the staff here at ActionScript.org, and on behalf of all of those who have benefited directly and indirectly from your help, thanks a lot Chad!

Survey Responses

  1. Name and site nickname
  2. Chad Workman aka Cota.
  3. Year of birth
  4. 1977, the year of some animal....
  5. How did you get into Flash?
  6. By accident really. I was a desktop software developer and I needed to make nice buttons for an application. So, I started on a mission with photoshop. Then one day I saw some really great looking sites and everything was just flying around and doing cool stuff. I left my gif maker behind for Flash 4. The rest is history.
  7. What Version of Flash do you use and why?
  8. I use CS3 and Flex, because my boss says I have to. I wouldnt mind exploring other options, however, time isnt always available. Adobe has so many cool products coming out.
  9. Coke or Pepsi?
  10. Pepsi or Dr. Pepper...mostly Dr. Pepper!
  11. What's an adjective that describes you personally?
  12. Quirky..does that qualify?
  13. Do you have a tertiary qualification? If so, in what?
  14. Computer Science. Minor in Psychology. Odd mix, but not really. The Two go hand in hand when you think about it.
  15. On a scale of 1 - 10, how bad was the first thing you ever made in Flash? What metaphor or analogy would you use to describe it?
  16. Oh it was so horrible. At least a -5 on the scale. It was an image slide show with music and this horrid interface. Greatest part about it is that it was 6MB's in file size.
    Not laughing at all, there were 5 images! It will never see the light of day, ever!
  17. PC or Mac?
  18. PC....damn i-junkies!
  19. What's your first recollection of ActionScript.org - how did you find it, why, were you a guru or a newbie?
  20. I came to AS[org] a complete newbie in Flash. I was still trying to wrap my head around timelines, keyframes, and crap....scope too! I was cruising the internet for some Flash documentation and stumbled across AS[org]. Then I started asking the typical newbie questions (how's, why's, what the's..). Jason (CyanBlue), Trevor (senocular), and a few others basically set me on the right path. Dave Gillem (www.crucialLimit.com) has become a major inspiration for me when it comes to development. The man is just a machine!
  21. What inspires you? Not just in work, but personally.
  22. My children do. They inspire almost everything I do. An innocent mind imagines things our adult minds forgot. They are also my beta testers....
  23. What web browser do you use?
  24. IE7 all the way....but I still have to test in FF (not happy about that at all).
  25. How would you describe ActionScript.org in three words?
  26. well, I cant use what first came to my mind, "Best Damn Resource"
  27. Ever been on a fad diet? If so, which one, and how successful was it?
  28. No, I stay in shape through martial arts training.
  29. What do you use to edit AS and why?
  30. Again, the Flash IDE and Flex Builder...boss says I have to.
  31. What subject did you hate most during school?
  32. Oddly enough, Math. I hate it with a passion.
  33. Who do you think has influenced your Flash education most, in the whole wide world?
  34. Thats a tough one. Dave Gillem is definitely in the front running for that.
  35. Are you allergic to anything, or is there anything you really, really can't stand to eat?
  36. I'm allergic to massive amounts of work and long hours. I hate health foods! They'll kill you, trust me on that one.
  37. What other programming languages do you know, and which have proven to be the most useful professionally?
  38. I know a variety of other languages. PHP, ASP, VB(6), SQL (MS and My). Used to do C+/C development. PHP and ASP have proven to be the most useful.
  39. If you were a fruit combined with an animal, what would you be and why?
  40. I have no idea. Are there lazy fruits?
  41. Favourite Flash site at the moment? Why?
  42. So many, but I love the FWA site. I mean that thing is a data monster.
  43. Favourite Flash site of all time? Why?
  44. The latest 2Advanced site...deep linking, and just impressive in every way.
  45. Favourite absolutely-no-flash website, why?
  46. Yahoo fantasy sports. So much functionality and well, I'm a sports guy.
  47. What do you see as the next massive web-fad, frontier?
  48. Thats tough. I see it going down so many roads. I really cant pin-point one road.
  49. Freelance or employed? Which do you prefer? Why?
  50. I recently left the freelance world to work full time for an agency. I miss freelancing, and dont miss it at the same time. You have to understand that when freelancing, you are everything, the developer, project manager, account manager, and bill collector. Its not easy by any means. Currently, I'm at Fly Communications.
  51. What search engine do you use?
  52. Google...is there another one?
  53. Ever read a book which really changed your life? Which book, how and why?
  54. Yes, however I cant go into. The events that lead me to that book are personal. I cant for the life of me remember the exact name of the book. It was a little book, seriously, like 3 inches wide, fit right into my pocket. It was about Native American culture and their balance with mother earth. It really put things into perspective for me.
  55. Which animal sound are you most proficient at making? (Please provide and MP3 if possible)
  56. None. I havent done animal voices since my daughter was 3.
  57. Speak any other languages?
  58. English and bad English...thats it.
  59. Play any instruments?
  60. Actually yes. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, and a little Violin
  61. How many hours a week do you work?
  62. Way too many. My company is very good about making sure you have time for yourself. I average about 43 hours a week. Not too bad.
  63. How many do you wish you worked?
  64. None. I would love nothing more then to spend all day with the kids. They are a lot of fun.
  65. What's the most random thing any stranger has ever said to you that you recall offhand?
  66. "Are you retarded?".... Oh good times.
  67. Can you cook? What's your best dish?
  68. Yes. Very well I might add. I make a great steak dish with a honey marinade.
  69. What (if any) tips/suggestions would you have for starting/furthering a career in the Flash industry?
  70. Like I tell everyone, Its just code. Nothing to be afraid of. The learning never stops, so dont think it ever will. Keep your head up and never stop trying. Anyone can be great if they just apply themselves.