Tree3D is a papervision 3D based tree component for Action-Script 3 with a twist. Developed by Zerofractal Studio, Tree3D offers an intuitive user friendly functional spatial tree, that combines horizontal navigation for the current level and cascading items for its hierarchy.

What makes Tree3D so interesting when compared to other 3D navigation systems like "coverflow" is that it keeps a balance between appearance and functionality. Current level items are always facing the camera, with a horizontal navigation, while sub items cascade in front, taking full advantage of it's 3D environment. You can also access all items and sections without loosing track of them with the help of a easy to use "bread-crumb" system.


  • Data driven based on XML
  • Customizable Labels and Icon
  • Animateable Icons
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Customizable number of items per page, item size and item spacing
  • Customizable camera rotation effect
  • Eyecandy 3D effects like fog and depth of field
  • Customizable scrollbar, adaptable to Adobe's UI Scrollbar

Please visit to test drive or purchase tree3D.

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