Tutorial details:
Written by: Jesse Stratford
Time: 30+ minutes
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Requirements: Flash 5, attention to detail.
Topics Covered: Paths, Variables, Instances, Conditional statements, Goto, Custom Functions, Masking.

Please Note: This tutorial was the first I wrote and by my own admission is now outdated. The best way to achieve this effect is to use a completely scripted example such as that shown at www.the-stickman.com/tutorials/ or similar. This way still works but you can better effects using the (more complicated) scripted examples. Those of you with Flash MX may also wish to consider using this free component which does most of the work for you.

Click here to download the source for the movie above in PC Zip format.

In this tutorial we will cover the popular content/background scrolling navigation system that has caused a red flag on many Forums since Barneys and WebAgent amongst others, started using it. So let?s get started!

By now most of you have probably seen a version of this form of navigation somewhere on the web. Granted, most of them don?t have the cute piggy buttons I used in my example above, but hey I?m unique!

This effect is actually pretty easy to achieve. In this tutorial we will investigate how create such an interface with one slight difference: our version doesn't speed up at the beginning and slow down as you get closer to your destination, that is more complicated and I'll save it for another tutorial.