Flashforward Conference and Film Festival embraces passionate Flash speakers to open doors and minds at August 20-22, 2008 event.


June 18, 2008—San Francisco, CaliforniaBeau Ambur spoke today revealing the details and direction of the Flashforward Conference and Film Festival, sharing his vision for this year’s conference, and the shape and format of the program. The Flash industry, created and driven by passion, was developed by individuals creating new ideas, pushing technical and creative limits, and expressing themselves in unique ways. Reflecting on the inspirational experience Beau had at the first-ever Flashforward Conference and Film Festival, he is planning this year’s conference to recreate that initial experience. Using inspiration and passion as a benchmark Beau will shape the conference to push members of the Flash industry forward in their skills, careers, and thinking.


“The growth of the industry is incumbent on the evolution of current Flash designers and developers moving their careers and skills to new levels,” said Beau Ambur, CEO Metaliq and Flashforward Conference and Film Festival. “This year’s conference will address the next steps an individual needs to take—developing ideas, partnerships, and broadening their alignments in and outside the Flash industry. These alignments will elevate their ideas, work, and careers.”


The Flashforward Conference and Film Festival is organized around inspirational main stage speakers who share one key attribute—everything the speakers create and do is driven by passion and executed with professionalism. A one track focus will be shaped by speakers who push attendee’s ideas, and how attendees think about their work, to a new level. Not only will speakers cover diverse ideas they will also cover applicable ones.


Those who attend Flashforward2008 will be inspired and revitalized—reminded what drove them to become part of the industry, challenge them to address the industry’s growth, evolution, and its’ new technologies. This gathering is meant to inspire, energize, and shine a light on where the industry’s going while celebrating where it’s been. According to Beau energizing individual designers and developers is how Flashforward2008 can best contribute to each individual’s growth and the growth of the entire industry.


Flashforward Conference and Film Festival takes place August 20-22, 2008 in San Francisco in the very same location as the first Flashforward—the Nob Hill Masonic Center. To attend Flashforward2008 visit www.flashforwardconference.com/register.


About the Flashforward Conference and Film Festival

Flashforward is the longest-running and largest Adobe® Flash™ user conference in the world. Flashforward2008 San Francisco, entering its ninth year, is a three-day event filled with sessions led by the world's leading Flash professionals, offering education, best practices, and inspirational case studies in Flash, Flex, ActionScript, and AIR. Flashforward2008 San Francisco, developed and produced by Beau Ambur, in cooperation with the team at Metaliq, includes the international Flashforward Film Festival and Awards ceremony and a Flash-related industry Expo Hall and community center with opportunities for the entire Flash community to network and share knowledge. August 20-22, 2008 Nob Hill Masonic Center, San Francisco.


For more information http://www.flashforwardconference.com/