Kindisoft, the leading provider of advanced obfuscation and protection tools for Adobe Flash and Flex, announces the general availability of secureSWF version 3.0. The major update extends its current abilities and introduces support for ActionScript v3 and Adobe's Flex v2 and v3 and AIR applications.

Because of ActionScript's flexibility, it is particularly vulnerable to decompilation. In effect, there exists many tools that can reproduce the original source code from the distributable SWF files, thus exposing your program's intellectual property to theft by those looking for security holes. Today, there are over 26 available tools that can decompile ActionScript from SWF files.

secureSWF v3.0 is designed to provide the greatest protection for Flash and Flex applications. It includes code protection and size reduction with advanced features such as Identifiers Renaming, Control Flow Obfuscation, Literal Strings Encryption, and Encrypted Domain Locking. secureSWF is now available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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