Munich, 15 September 2008 - mediaANT has launched a new Flash Carousel animation .

Astonish your website visitors with the many engaging features of 3D Carousel V2 and create a wide range of effect combinations with unique image galleries and product presentations for ASP.NET, PHP, JSP and HTML.

For maximum flexibility the Flash Carousel can also call up JavaScript functions on the page in which it was embedded. When clicking on an image on the 3D Carousel, a detail page will show up upon request. On this detail page, information covering the selected image or product can be provided.

Control and appearance of the Flash Carousel are effected entirely via a single XML file. This file also contains the paths of the images and texts to be shown on the details pages. With this set-up it is therefore possible to create a 3D Carousel within a few moments and without any programming skills! For complex dynamic websites there is furthermore the option to transmit the configuration via HTTP Response to the Flash animation.

Features include:

  • Simple Integration via a single XML file.
  • Wide Selection of Presentation Options
  • Various Rotation Options
  • Flexible Navigation Buttons
  • HTML-Style Support
  • Support of JavaScript function calls

Free Trial Version: