So, I guess by reading all the way to the end of this review you’re wanting to know, “Is it worth buying this product?”. My answer would be yes. It’s worth it for Flash alone! Plus there are loads of other features across the suite to warrant and upgrade of new purchase. And lets not forget aesthetics. Although not as important to most as new features, the whole suite is looking more cohesive and slicker than ever. Adobe are starting to really stamp themselves over the applications they acquired from Macromedia, unifying interfaces across the suite and creating more and better ways to allow interoperability between apps like XFL - the new XML based Flash format that After Effects and Flash both understand.

All of the reviewed applications are available in the Design Premium (AUD $1215 upgrade, AUD $3635 purchase), Web Premium (AUD $1215 upgrade, AUD $3435 purchase) and Master Suite (AUD $1819 upgrade, AUD $5049 purchase) products.