SAN FRANCISCO—April 29, 2009—The Flash game virtual goods and social platform Andrograde announced a partnership with Gamantra, makers of Flash multiplayer gaming platform Pulse.

By using the Andrograde API, game developers can now develop and deploy their Pulse powered multiplayer games for free while utilizing Andrograde's universal virtual goods system.

With two simple and yet powerful APIs put together, developers can now reach millions of players with their innovative multiplayer games with no upfront cost and earn revenue while doing so.  Game developers can also spread their games to almost any game portal and social networking site and are free to integrate with other advertising APIs and seek sponsorships to maximize profits.

With this partnership, game developers, independent and big names alike, can bring their innovation and creativity to multiplayer games which traditionally required big budgets. With the free hosting service offered via this partnership, developers now do not need to buy or rent an expensive server to host their multiplayer games.

Pulse SDK a innovative and easy to use object oriented API for AS3 based games enable game developers to create both turn-based and real-time multi-player interactive games with little or no knowledge of networking or deal with server complexities.

Andrograde will provide the player community and payment system for the games.  Games using Andrograde's virtual goods API can make 5 times the revenue of traditional ad based systems. The API also has a wide array of additional features such as 'save & share', payment analytics, leader-boards, custom stat tracking and the ability to control features after game deployment.

About Andrograde
Andrograde, LLC ( is a social casual flash game company based in silicon valley, California. Established in 2008, Andrograde offers a platform dedicated to helping developers monetize their games through virtual goods and social features.  The Andrograde website is also a casual games social network for developers and players.

About Gamantra
Gamantra ( is a game technology and a full game development outsourcing company currently located in Shanghai, China. Established in 2006, Gamantra is committed to bringing the best networking engine and game server deployment platform to the social apps and gaming industry.