Rainbow Live combines the ease of Visual XML editing with the power of a Flash Content Management System (CMS), making it easy to design data in whatever structure you want, and then edit it online without having to re-upload new XML files to your web server. It's been designed specifically to provide Flash website developers with an easy way to edit and build XML based websites.
Sydney, Australia - June, 2009 - Code and Visual announces the launch of Rainbow Live XML Editor and lite CMS.
Rainbow Live has been developed to answer the needs of Flash developers who use XML as a data source.
Rainbow Live has been specifically built as a tool for Flash website developers. It’s an XML editor that can be used as a CMS for Flash websites requiring no backend or SQL support. Unique to other Flash CMS solutions Rainbow Live only manages your XML data, therefore it places no restrictions at all on the structure or layout of your site. It’s very visual and intuitive which makes it easy to construct your own XML scheme.

Rainbow Live removes the need to rely on a backend developer to build and maintain a database. Rainbow Live saves time and money as the process of setting up XML structures is familiar to many Flash developers and is made even more intuitive with Rainbow Live’s node-based approach.
Rainbow Live provides you with a User log-in to allow data to be managed by the client long after your involvement is through. Rainbow Live provides the perfect lightweight solution when you don’t need all the bells and whistles (and overhead) of a complete CMS system.
While Rainbow Live is not technically a complete CMS, it provides all of the basic functionality needed to design, populate and edit data for small to medium based Flash projects (And any where else that XML is used as a data source).
Some of the key benefits of Rainbow Live:
  • Runs in browser
  • Move, delete, duplicate and rename nodes
  • Add and remove multiple attributes using a simple dialog box
  • Avoid writing poorly formed XML
  • Edit XML files live online
  • Upload Images and files
  • Automatically create thumbnails
  • Admin and User log-ins
  • Lock and hide elements from user
  • Define child templates to define your own node type
  • No backend scripting necessary
  • Customizable scripts
  • Doesn't dictate structure of your data/website - you can easily design the CMS to your own needs
Details about Rainbow Live: http://www.codeandvisual.com/rainbow/features/
Try Rainbow online: http://www.codeandvisual.com/rainbow/
About Code and Visual
Code and Visual specialise in developing Flash games, HTML and Flash websites and also Flash applications for a variety of clients both large and small.
We also develop Rainbow - a free online XML editor that can be used as a very simple Flash CMS for small to medium based websites.