Build Websites in Few clicks using A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder

Hong Kong  June  23, 2009 – WebUnion Media Ltd. announces a new release of A4DeskPro-- an easy to use flash website builder software for creating professional flash websites. It can help anyone to create website in few minutes, with multiple menus and sub-menus, stunning flash animation effects, background music and contact form, in just few mouse clicks.

A4DeskPro is an all-in-one flash website builder software for Microsoft® Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista users.   It can be easily installed on any Windows based PC or notebook. User can then build unlimited websites right on their desktop, and host the website anywhere. No coding knowledge, No design skill required.  The user simply needs to select a website template,  and then fill in text and images to publish a website. The software supports multilanguage user interface – user can easily switch between English, French, German, Italian  or Spanish menu settings.

"If you would like to try your hand at creating impressive websites with flash animations, give this program a try ", said Godfrey Ko, Director of company, "In the past, only professional graphic designer, flash animator and actionscript programmers can create websites using the latest Flash technology. A4DeskPro enables webmaster of any level to create multiple stunning websites from their PC. Anyone can now build a multimedia website and presentation in minutes, the design possibility is unlimited. "

The new version of A4DeskPro comes with more website design templates for user to choose from.  

WebUnion Media Ltd was incorporated in 1997 as a multimedia development and software consulting company by founder Godfrey Ko. WebUnion Media Ltd developed several popular flash software, and developed multimedia websites and presentations for clients worldwide. Free trial version of A4DeskPro and other its Flash software titles can be downloaded from