Some of you might be asking why use a third party tweening class when Flash has native code for it. The answers are:
  1. The native one has bugs. For example if you are simultaneously tweening 3 objects with native Tween class, from time to time you notice that one or more Tweens simply stop (at least this happened to me a lot while I was using the native class).
  2. You need 1 tween / tweened property. (If you move an object both on x and y you need two Tweens)
  3. It uses the same event model as everything in AS3(This is not necessarily bad, bit with Caurina Tweener you can not only specify the name of the handling function, you can also specify its parameters)
While Caurina Tweener:
  1. Works fine regardless of the Tweened objects.
  2. Gives better performance.
  3. You can tween multiple properties of 1 object with a single line of code
  4. It's built with static functions, meaning that you don't need an instance of the class every time you want to make a tween.
Here is a simple example:

The black box having instance name "box", and the initial alpha being 0.5 the code is:
import caurina.transitions.Tweener;
Tweener.addTween(box,{x:300, y:100, alpha:1, time:2, transition:"linear"});

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