Enables Rapid Creation and Delivery of Interactive 3D Content for Adobe Flash

Herzliya, Israel, July 28, 2009 – Revolver, Ltd. today announced the availability of FreeSpin3D™ for Adobe® Flash® CS4 Professional. FreeSpin3D is an Adobe Flash authoring extension that makes interactive 3D possible wherever the Adobe Flash Player is found, across all major browsers and operating systems. The updated release expands on last year’s successful launch of FreeSpin3D for Adobe Flash CS3.
“This new release of FreeSpin3D provides our Adobe Flash CS4 Professional customers with a tightly integrated solution for easily creating more immersive and interactive 3D web experiences,” said Richard Galvan, Flash Product Manager at Adobe. “We are particularly pleased to see how FreeSpin3D takes full advantage of the Adobe Flash CS4 object-oriented motion tweening, as well as the new 3D classes and functions found in ActionScript 3.0.”

FreeSpin3D Features and Benefits
FreeSpin3D for Adobe Flash CS4 is a leap forward for interactive designers, eliminating lengthy development processes by enabling the display and management of 3D objects within the Adobe Flash workspace as Flash Movie Clip objects. The result is a superior workflow, minimal learning curve, low file sizes and extremely fast creation of interactive 3D elements. FreeSpin3D is an Adobe Flash Extension that is installed in seconds using the Adobe Flash Extension Manager. Features of FreeSpin3D for Adobe Flash CS4 include:
  • Native 3D geometric shape modeling and texturing from the Control Panel.
  • Predefined and customizable interactive 3D behavior/physics libraries.
  • Improved usability and updated user interface.
  • Simplified 3D animation using Adobe Flash CS4’s Motion Tween functionality.
  • New 3D optimization presets in the model conversion engine.
  • Direct 3D model import through the FreeSpin3D control panel.
  • Vastly improved performance with a higher polygon count.

“Until recently, interactive designers and developers were forced to choose between 3D solutions that were interesting and very complicated, or simple to use, but inadequate,” said Amir Fischer, CEO of Revolver. “FreeSpin3D provides the ease-of-use and visual workflow that designers prefer, yet also supplies a full API that allows ActionScript developers to push the limits of 3D web delivery.”

Revolver offers a 15-day free trial of the CS3 and CS4 versions of FreeSpin3D at www.freespin3d.com.

Pricing and Availability
FreeSpin3D for Adobe Flash CS3 and CS4 is now available for Mac and PC at a cost of $195 USD per license from www.freespin3d.com and leading software resellers. Volume discounts and educational pricing can also be found on the website.

About Revolver
Revolver is a leading provider of 3D content development solutions for industries including graphic design, game and web development, animation and advertising. Founded in 2006, the company is lead by a team of experienced senior software executives and entrepreneurs as well as world-renowned academics in the field of 3D computer graphics. Among its shareholders are Maayan Ventures, The Technion Institute of Technology, and Arie Scope, founder and former CEO and Chairmen of Microsoft Israel. Its flagship product, FreeSpin3D, is based on the company’s OneLayer3D technology, which enables commercial solutions for real-time rendering of 3D content in 2D environments such as Adobe Flash.

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