Adobe Flash lets users make interactive Flash quiz. This tutorial will guide you how to create interactive drop-down multiple-choice quiz in Adobe Flash. This short tutorial is just a sample of the workflow you'll use while authoring in Adobe Flash CS4.

Step 1 - Create a new document
a. Choose File > New.
b. In the New Document dialog box, selcet Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) and then Click OK.

Step 2 - Document settings
Right-click on the stage, selcet Document Properties, then the Document Properties dialog box appears. It displays the current Stage size setting as 550 × 400 pixels, and the Background color swatch is set to white. You can change the size and color of the Stage as you want.

Adobe flash - document properties

Step 3 - Import image to the stage
Choose File > Import > Import to Stage, and then select the image you want. You also could click Ctrl+R to import image.
Step 4 - Add the multiple choice question to the Stage
a. Select the Text tool (T).
b. In the Property inspector (Window > Properties), select Static Text type to specify the type of text field, and then input the question " What was Michael's first song to air on MTV? ". You also could set the font size, family and color of the text.

Step 5 - Add ComboBox component

a. Select Window > Components.

 Adobe flash component

b. Double-click ComboBox in the Components panel.
c. Select the component on the Stage, and name the instance name as box in the properties panel.

Adobe flash properties panel

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