Tutorial details:
Written by: Konrad Makosa www.dot-com.pl
Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Requirements: Flash 4,5, Adobe After FX,Corel Trace, Adobe Streamline
Topics Covered: Vector Video Animation is an original animation production based on Video file.

For VVA you need video movie and programs such as :

After Effects iMovie or similar- need for composing movie file. Corel Trace, Adobe Streamline ? need for changes movie file into vector pictures. Flash and of course some free time.

If You want to make animation based on your own movie you have to remember few details which are the same during shooting the movie for streaming purposes.

First of all the camera must be stable and the object have to be shooting on unchanging ( one color) background. The ideal situation with shooting the movie with blue box background. If you want to use already prepared movie remember to use sequences with uniform background.

In program for composing movie you have to cut interesting sequences and save it as TIFF file. You can make changes in the command framerate and eventually change rate for example 12/s.

In program for vector conversion you have to change frame by frame all TIFF's into vectors.

Some of programs have useful batch option which make work much more pleasant. After it vector files ( for example from Adobe Illustrator) you should import to Flash program.
If you mark all files you need to point only the first one.
Flash should ask you about importing all sequence picture by picture.

Now you have to optimize your frames. And here you have to be very patient and ungroup objects in all frames ( when you importing bitmaps you have to trace it ).
After it you can delete not necessary objects and sum colorful spots into one chosen color and optimize curves using function Optimize. Choosing adequate constant of smoothing curves you receive more optimize .swf movie or object more complicated with bigger size of .swf file.

To simplify all above optimalization you can write Flash Macro which will be very helpful.

The movie can be prepared from few random colors and those various colors can be add in Flash program.

If Flash program could have an option where will be possibility of color mixing on layers with method screen not normal then might be possible to produce movies with all pallet of colors in the same way as it is possible during color mixing in cameras. I wish I do it with Flash 6 :)

Now is the time to show your movie to friends.

There are other interesting ways to produce similar effects. Using various effects might give other pleasant movies.

I?m sure there will be no problem to do it better.

I look forward to receiving your sugestions!
Regards Konrad Makosa www.dot-com.pl