Padova, Italy, (August 28, 2009) - K-SOL S.r.l. today announced the release of the first version of toKaos. toKaos is a desktop application which allows you to encrypt/obfuscate your Flash/Flex AS3 application or Flash Document Class.
toKaos is able to encrypt the following:
- packages
- classes
- functions (private, internal, protected and public)
- functions parameters
- functions variables
- class variables (private, internal, protected and public)
In addition to encryption, toKaos is able to obfuscate your source code as follows:
- change package structure
- source compacting
- explode included files
- remove comments
After toKaos encryption/obfuscation your source code will be unreadable to everyone.

For more information contact toKaos support Team at or
visit the product websites  or (mirror)
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