Vienna, Austria - Sep 23 2009 - Ambiera announces the release
of the out-of-Beta version of CopperCube, a new 3D engine to create 3D Flash scenes
or 3D windows .exe files with interactive 3D scenes without the need to program
one single line of code.

With one single click, it is possible to create a Flash .swf file or a Windows .exe
from any interactive 3D scene created in the editor.
CopperCube now also supports the 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10 and includes
a new event/action system which makes it possible to define actions (like
opening a website, playing a sound, hiding an object etc) when certain events
happen (like the user clicked on an item or reached a certain area).
No Programming necessary.

Coppercube consists of an easy to use 3D editor which imports 17 different 3D file formats
and is able to create interactive 3D .swf files with physics, lighting and more
or even single standalone Windows .exe files with a built-in high speed, hardware
accelerated 3D engine from your interactive 3D scene, which are easy to distribute and
do not need an installer.

CopperCube can be tested for free for 30 days.
Visit to download CopperCube.

Details about CopperCube:

About Ambiera
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