The "" file contains the folder structure and content described below:

“Capuchin Services” folder:
  • “File_4.01.mxp”: Used to list files from a specific folder.
  • “Multimedia_4.0.2.mxp”: Used to play media files.
“Installation Files” folder:
  • “MP3Player.jar” and “MP3Player.jad”: The installable application (MIDlet) for your Capuchin enabled Sony Ericsson phone.
“Source File” folder:
  • “MP3Player.fla”: The Flash source of the MP3 Player application. This tutorial describes how the Flash file was implemented, using the Sony Ericsson UI components beta version.
“Tutorial” folder:
  • “tutorial_flash_ui_mp3_player_r1a.pdf”: This document.
To get other tutorials and demo applications illustrating how to enrich your mobile applications UI using Sony Ericsson UI components, or in case you want to extend your Flash IDE using Sony Ericsson MXP components for Capuchin technology, please visit the following links: