Announcing secureSWF v3.4: Minor Version Release with Major New Features

Kindisoft, makers of secureSWF, the world's most advanced code protection solution for Flash applications, today announced full expanded SWC libraries and AIR applications support to their product secureSWF.  A free upgrade for existing users, secureSWF v3.4 includes several ground breaking features.

"The new capabilities in secureSWF are a major bonus to users. All around, the new reduced file sizes, full AIR and SWC file support and new expert rule controls gives developers complete granularity over protecting their application," notes Ammar Mardawi. "We've also given users even more control over Control Flow Obfuscation, Statement-level Randomization, and Dynamic Code Wrapping.."


secureSWF v3.4 new features:


Complete AIR and SWC Files Support


secureSWF is proud to be the only protection and obfuscation product on the market fully supporting AIR and SWC files. You can now directly protect your whole AIR application from within secureSWF. And you can also use all features available in secureSWF to protect your SWC libraries.


Super Compression


This new feature can reduce the file size up to 10% by itself! Unlike other obfuscators that just bloat the size of your SWF files, secureSWF can actually reduce your file size when using identifiers renaming, size optimization, and this new amazing feature.


Detailed Configuration Rules


Previous versions of secureSWF enabled you to specify how your code will be obfuscated down to a single function or identifier. And now you no longer have to pinpoint each one of them. You can just tell secureSWF exactly what to do with all the code in an entire package, or a single class. Just write in the pattern and check the options you want to override.


secureSWF is available directly from . You can also download a free fully-featured evaluation copy.


About Kindisoft


Kindisoft is the leading provider of advanced obfuscation, protection, and encryption tools for Adobe Flash and Flex applications. Established in 2005, Kindisoft is fully committed to provide developers and artists with easy-to-use and effective products to strengthen security and protect the intellectual property of their media rich applications.