ActionScript skill level needed is:

Intermediate – Good skills in Action Script 2.0 are needed.

The applications and tools required to execute this tutorial are:
  • Adobe Flash CS3/CS4.
  • Adobe Extension Manager.
  • Java runtime environment (JRE). The latest version of JRE and installation instructions are available at
  • Sony Ericsson UI Components. The Sony Ericsson UI components are available here. Install them using the Adobe Extension Manager and read the help documentation for further information on application architecture.
  • Project Capuchin Kit MXP files. Project Capuchin Kit MXP component for Microsoft Windows or OS X users.The Project Capuchin kit extends Adobe Flash CS3 and CS4 to support creating and publishing Flash content as a Project Capuchin application. This file can be downloaded from here.

The following Sony Ericsson Project Capuchin Platform Services are also needed:
  • Location MXP v4.0.1.
  • Persistency MXP v4.0.1.

These MXPs can be downloaded from here. Then go to Services MXPs.

The Twitter Project Capuchin Platform Services implemented for this specific application are also required:
  • “TwitterUtils.mxp”: Provides methods for resizing images and retrieving city names based on the GPS coordinates.
  • “Twitter.mxp”: Implements the Twitter methods for login, browsing and posting tweets.
The Twitter MXP files are packaged together with the source code files.

Please click here for the full tutorial in PDF format and the supporting source code.

Screen shot

Hope this was useful for some of you :)