A new version of iMapBuilder interactive map software has been released -- an all-in-one map software which requires no coding or Flash knowledge to make clickable image maps or interactive Flash maps in no time.

The new version (http://www.imapbuilder.com) comes with 6 more map templates, including North America, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, Mexico and Saudi Arabia maps, as well as 4 new placemark icons to pinpoint positions, identify points of interest  on the interactive map. Apart from that, map legend function is now available to list the colors/lines used on the map and help visitors better understand the meaning of what the map represents.

If you have any custom map image in JPG, GIF, PNG format, it is possible for the map program to import and convert it into an interactive map. The program also comes with a wide variety of pre-designed map templates for you to choose from, such as  world map by continents, by countries, and country maps including those of the United States, Canada, UK, France, German, Italy, Spain, Asia, Middle East, China.

" In the twenty-first century, thousands of companies, organizations and government agencies feature a Flash interactive map to display the locations of the headquarters, branch offices in a clear and concise manner. These maps have become significant part in web applications, by helping the user to interact with the data with a simple rollover of the mouse", said Godfrey Ko, Director of company, "In the past,  only professional graphic designer, actionscript programmer and web programmers were able to use advanced software to create sophisticated and interactive maps, other people might feel it is too technically challenging to build a map. Now non technical users with zero knowledge in programming can take advantage of convenience and ease of use afforded by this map program, building a map is just as easy as pressing a button!"

Another great thing of the map program is that the map is accompanied by the Points and Lines function, where users can plot unlimited clickable points, icons, straight lines and curve on the map, as well as customize the descriptions displayed in pop up infobox and tooltips when mouseover.

The Flash online maps are perfectly applicable for the business websites in which they can show sales statistic figures of different States, store locator, traveling route, property finder, branch offices, etc to their visitors. In addition to building an interactive map, users can export the map into JPG image for PowerPoint or document presentations. To enjoy the maximum flexibility, advanced Adobe Flash programmers can purchase the FLA source code file to make extensive modifications for map templates.

Interactive maps and images created using iMapBuilder can be easily integrated into any website, thanks to iMapBuilder's web publishing function. The files can also be burnt on a CD-ROM for instant distribution to potential clients and customers.

You can download a trial version from http://www.imapbuilder.com

##WebUnion was incorporated in 1997 as a multimedia development and  software consulting company by founder Godfrey Ko. WebUnion developed several popular flash software, and developed multimedia websites and presentations for clients worldwide. Free trial version of iMapBuilder map program can be downloaded from http://www.imapbuilder.com