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By Say Web Tutorial
Published on February 9, 2010
Adobe provides with Flash several preset work spaces with a selection of open and docked windows.

Choose Your Workspace or Create Your Own
This ActionScript tutorial, in HD video format can be found, for free on my site Say Web Tutorial

I have a huge delight on drawing in Flash, and as you all know all also code ActionScript using Flash. The Good news are that Adobe created several pre made workspaces for each Flash use. To be able to understand work spaces,  we have to see first the variety of windows Flash has.

Now the Classic work space I use a lot and it is also very predictable, it only has 3 open windows: Time line, Tools  and properties, which by large it is what most people will use, most of the time. For anything additional, I just ask from the windows menu.

The debugging works space is also pretty predictable and I doubt if anyone actually debugs using it, yet makes a lot of sense, it opens all output windows:

Now the beauty of it all is CUSTOMIZATION and yes, you can create your own workspace, to fit your own needs, projects and then delete, if you wish. All you need to do is open the windows you wish to select for the workspace, drag, and DOCK them around the user interface and they save the workspace. It will then be there forever for you. Here is the walk through!