Dismayed that Flash CS4 does not include the lovely Accordion control that I like in Flex, I went searching for an equivalent.  I ran across a working demo by Ady Levy at http://adylevy.com.  Seeing that demo was close to what I wanted, I grabbed it, broke it down and rebuilt it for my own purposes.

Mostly those purposes were to be able to build my own custom Sprite panels outside of the AccordionComponent.as Class, to add to an Accordion object. So that what the resulting AccordionExample Flash file now does.  Try the Example here: Accordion Component Example

This version is all ActionScript 3.0, with nothing in the AccordionExample.fla file, except a pointer to the AccordionExample.as file where the code is for building the panels. It uses Sprites in a Horizontal Accordion mode with a Gradient header for each Panel.

A source bundle AccordionComponent.zip contains all the files needed to demo and develop this in Flash.

Download  AccordionComponent.zip