I started as a Graphic Designer long back in the year 2000. I always had an inclination towards animation. With that urge to learn animation, took up flash and picked up the animation techniques in 2 months. From then I was actually in love with this software technology. I have been using Flash in my web development since version 4. As ActionScript became more and more powerful, I started picking up bit by bit and in due course of time, changed my vision from animation to flash based developments. Over the years I have been working purely on ActionScript and thus eliminating the use of timelines. These days I am busy with developing enterprise level desktop application in AIR, online games and complex Rich Internet Applications. Over the years I have got immense support from various online communities and forums. I wish to contribute and share some of my coding experiences with a hope to help someone out there. You can reach me via my blog.

|| Om Manasamarthadata Shri Aniruddhaya Namah ||