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Gerard Mason

Gerard Mason runs Big Friendly Apes, a boutique Flash and web development studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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By Gerard Mason
Published May 22, 2009
I missed this morning’s Microsoft Mobile session on account of a late night and my extremely comfortable hotel bed. Listening to my alarm go off at 6:30am, I made the snap and instantly gratifyi...
By Gerard Mason
Published May 21, 2009
This morning and this afternoon at WebDU 2009 saw sessions on Flex, Mobile, User Experience, Online/Desktop AIR applications, Information Architecture and perspective Google Maps.After the keynote I t...
By Gerard Mason
Published May 20, 2009
Thanks to Jesse at actionscript.org I am once again attending the WebDU web technology conference in Sydney. I was here in 2008 and was very excited about returning to see and hear from people in the ...
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