here I m – Chintan Buch from India. I m working as Interactive Media Developer (its a bit longer, plz bear with it) in AOL. probably few people want to know @ my AS exp, so I've to tell u that this is not what I was earlier! started my career with Network Admin with the passion of Digital Art & Animation. I remember it was Flash4 when I was playing with it.. was doing animation stuffs during my college time (yes I was getting paid). after couple of yrs (precisely 3), some1 decided to gamble on me & from that day, I was officially a part of AS community. most of my work is in de area of intranet/remoting, unbelievable huh! oh yes I remember, I did couple of projects with different social networking sites as well ;-)

these days I m playing with Flex & AIR, & you know what!? I m pretty much in good shape (although I make silly mistakes most of the time, but m newbie... ;-).

yes I’ve my site, but don’t expect anything there ;-) only my R&D projects & few personal files will be there (don’t try to search for those links, you won’t find it) hopefully I’ll design my site someday & add all favorite things there... but till that time u can reach me through email if u need any help from me : chintanbuch <at> gmail (dot) com. btw don’t try with exact text, change <at> with @ & (dot) with “.” else it’ll bounce back to you ;-)