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By Gerard Mason
Well. That was neat.

Just saw Mike Downey's (Adobe's 'Principal Evangelist') keynote, he showed us a bunch of AIR application demos. The built in Webkit renderer is a cool feature of AIR which allows developers to load entire an website into their application and render it inline. Actually, it seems Adobe has been busy integrating Webkit into other apps, as we also saw demos of Dreamweaver rendering pages (properly) using Webkit, which was quite a thing to behold (still wondering what would steal me away from Panic's excellent Coda app though).  Has me thinking that perhaps it would be nice to see some better HTML rendering capabilities in good old Flash. Those HTML textfields just aren't doing it for me these days.

We also got a really great sneak peak at Flash player 10 and Flash CS4.

Flash player 10 is sporting hardware rendering now - we were treated to a series of great realtime effects applied to vectors, bitmaps and video clips and they rendered stunningly without frame dropping.

Flash CS4 has some cool new stuff as well:
  • brand new UI
  • vertical Properties inspector!
  • new tweening tools - create motion paths on the stage that can be edited directly (no more guide layers then I hope)
  • the ability to pick up an animation and move the whole thing around
  • the 'super secret' motion editor - which gives After Effects style control to tweened animations
  • 3D transformations
  • and the coolest thing, the ability to do hierarchical animations via 'bones'. He basically drew an arm and then added an upper arm and forearm bone and then maniplated the bones which in turn transforms the shapes they are attached to! really cool...

more soon!

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