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By Haik Sahakian
Published March 29, 2010
Flex 3 appears to have a bug that ignores CSS formatting for link tags in html text. It prevents you from making an html link a different color from the text around it, for example.

However the bug only exists for pre-written CSS files - if you create a CSS object dynamically and attach it to the text control, the link styles work.

So to style an mx:Text control's links, you can use the code below to rewrite your CSS on the fly. The code looks in your CSS file for the style to apply to links, and from it creates a new CSS stylesheet to apply to the text control.

The hex value returned by toString(16) lacks leading zeros, but the CSS parser for dynamically created CSS does not require them like it does for pre-written CSS files, so it works fine.

function attachLinkStyleToText(textControl:Text) 

     // find the CSS class containing the formatting you want to apply to links in the text 
     var linkColorClass:CSSStyleDeclaration = StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration(".yourHTMLLinkClassName"); 
     if (!linkColorClass) return; 
     // find the style you wish to apply, in this case just the color 
     var linkColor:Number = parseInt(linkColorClass.getStyle("color")); 
     if (!linkColor) return; 
     var linkColorHex:String = linkColor.toString(16); 
     // create a new CSS style sheet that applies this style 
     var linkCSSText:String = "a {color:#"+linkColorHex+"}"; 
     var linkCSS:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet(); 
     // attach the new CSS to the text control 
     textControl.styleSheet = linkCSS;     

By Mykhel Trinitaria
Published March 22, 2010
Hi guys,

I just created a 3D Panorama and wanna share this to everyone. I haven't seen an open source 3D panorama, so I just research and make one.

Currently I need some comments and feedback to enhance and to be more useful...

Here is the demo link:
Free 3D Panorama

Download the source code here.

For the official link click here.

Good comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.
By Ruben Swieringa
Published February 23, 2010

This year me and Jonathan went to check out Flash In The Can in Amsterdam, here's a recap on a few of the sessions:

First up after Mark Anders and Richard Galvan opened with the Adobe Keynote, was Wesley Grubbs his session "Making Meaningful Data Meaningful" about visualizing data in a more inventive way. Wesley did a great job at walking through datasets and explaining the process of getting to its actual graphical representation.
Wesley's session had a nice way of pointing out important conceptual points and technical limitations/opportunities as sidenotes -- needless to say this session was seriously worth the while.

At 4 in the afternoon Jared Tarbell (levitated.com, etsy.com, etc etc) inspired (I daresay) everyone in the room for a full hour talking about "The Strangest Things I've Ever Seen". The session was filled with works of play and video/audio narrated by Jared. Like two years ago at FITC 2008 (at his session "The Circle") he had a ton of goodies to give away including engraved New Mexico desert-stones, laser-cut wooden cubes and 200 small self-printed boxes.
Tarbell knows how to capture an audience with both his work and his words, this presentation was definitely one of the highlights of the day.

One of the last sessions of the day was Erik Natzke's "Art of Play", showing Natzke's latest works and explaining his creative process. Natzke's animated and printed works are always a joy to watch.

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